How do we say "YES" for our Children?

The Possibilities of Gratitude.

Recently I learned that children, by the age of 17, have heard the word “no” 150,000 times and the word yes 5,000 times (Simon T. Bailey). Upon hearing that I wondered why a child’s ability to embrace endless possibilities is not appreciated. When we tell children “no” we interfere with those possibilities and stop them from exploring. We interfere with their promise of being anything, creating anything and their innate ability to explore freely.

Gratitude can help us with “yes!”

When we show young children that we appreciate the things around us, we have opened their minds to endless possibilities.

When we show young children how to appreciate themselves by listening to their words, and engaging in our own appreciation of their actions, we teach them possibilities.

When we show young children how to stop worrying; by focusing on the small, positive moments, we show them THEY have endless possibilities!