The Beauty of Breathing

We must not forget the beauty and importance of breathing; the beauty in a deep breathe when we are anxious, nervous or stressed and need calming.

Why have we forgotten to teach our children how to breathe?

Young children have very little experience with stress and anxiety, yet they feel it the same as adults. They feel strong emotions without the life experiences adults have that assist in coping and managing ourselves. Children get overwhelmed with their own emotions and they do not know what to do with those emotions. They may cry, yell, stomp their feet and even hit in frustration. They cannot think of any other choices in those moments. Why not teach our children to breathe? We need to show them how to take deep breathes when they are stressed, frustrated, angry, sad or even confused. We need to show them what we want them to do when they have those feelings.

We need to grace our children with permission to explore their emotions; both positive and negative. Their negative emotions (i.e. tantrums) are a normal and natural part of learning to self-regulate themselves. We should never punish a child for feeling and reacting to their negative emotions. We need to show them how to manage those emotions and choose a different reaction by:

  • Being Calm

  • Modeling Deep Breaths

  • Forgiveness

  • Not Lingering in Negative Emotions

Tomorrow is always a better day. You are your child’s first and greatest teacher. Show them how to move past the upset, release and forgive the negative and focus on a positive new beginning.