Learning Starts With Your New Year's Resolutions

In a society that ‘re-boots’ itself every New Year’s Eve, it’s hard not to ask. . . “why”?

New Year’s resolutions to be made. . .then forgotten!

Is there any value in this repeated annual ritual? What value is gained in assessing yourself? The act of setting goals and then, potentially not meeting them.

We need to start with the assessing. The value of the New Year Resolution lies in the annual review. Spending time assessing our successes and struggles creates a space to think about more than our day-to-day existence. So we start our year with review.

Then we must plan! We need to decide where we want to go in the New Year. Setting goals helps us develop hope and helps us establish a future we have control over. Goals creates a plan.

Finally, we must act! Goals have been set, and now it is time to do. Once goals are put into action there is either success or failure. The failed goal still achieves an action; a new review.

Plan - Do - Review

One of the foundations of learning lies in the learners ability to plan, act and then review those actions to make new plans. Young children who develop this ability succeed.

How can you help your child learn these steps of success:

  1. Create goals with your child. Family goals to be accomplished together.

  2. Create time to discuss the progress of goals. Make the review process natural and thought provoking.

  3. Create visuals to help your child make their goals concrete. This will make them more achievable.

Happy New Year!