Balloon Fiesta Tips to Reduce Stress

Albuquerque is proud to host the world’s largest hot air balloon event. This event is one of the few that allows viewers to walk among 600 balloons while speaking to pilots and pit crews. There is nothing more spectacular and fun for children than experiencing the launch or ‘glow’ of 600 balloons…and sometimes, nothing more stressful for parents. Here are a few tips to help reduce stress so you and your family can enjoy the beauty of this experience:

  • Arrive early and plan to park. There will be a wait whether you drive or use “Park-n-Ride”, so why not wait it out while your kids can nap in their car seats or be comfortable in a known space. Crowds can be stressful; especially the crowd waiting for buses when all the fun is over.

  • Bring plenty of snacks in a clear bag. The snacks will keep your children content while you wait for the fiesta to begin and keep them from fidgeting throughout the morning. The clear bag will minimize your wait while going through security. Save some money and energy and come prepared.

  • Bring a few books and some small, simple activities. A child’s attention span can wane; be prepared to keep them busy when they get bored. A good idea for elementary aged children is to give them a disposable camera so they can take pictures.

  • Dress warm but in layers. The morning will be cold but once the sun rises everyone will warm up and children fuss when they get hot. Be prepared to start stripping down so everyone stays comfortable.

  • Relax and go with the flow. Be patient and ready to enjoying each experience. The energy and temperament of young children will resemble that of the adults around them. Go mentally prepared to just enjoy.