Spring into fitness this season with these family friendly tips. . .

Spring into fitness this season with these family friendly tips…

If you’re like a lot of people, you are not fond of hitting the gym, nor do you want to hassle with a baby sitter, so you can get myself there. As a busy parent, you am focused on giving your kids a happy and healthy life. That means fun, fun and more fun. Read below to for a few fun, local ways to get moving with your little ones.

1.Take a hike
Exploring the environment around us is not only fun, but it can be a great way to learn about where we live. How lucky are we to have the Sandia Mountains right in our backyard? There are trails, parks and picnic areas to enjoy all along the foothills. Without going too far, you and your family can experience the great New Mexico outdoors while getting in some physical fitness at the same time. Visit
http://www.sandiahiking.com to look up hiking trails for all fitness levels.

2. Hunt for adventure
There is so much to learn about bugs, trees and plants to create our own science lesson just by exploring the outdoors.  You can go for a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. A spring walk will do your heart a ton of good and your little ones will learn all there is to know about where they live. Find out how many items you and your children can discuss throughout your neighborhood adventure.

3. Take it back to the good ‘ol days
We all have great memories of staying out ‘til the street lights went on… You know you’ve told your kids those stories of ‘when you were little’. Teach your kids classic games like hopscotch, four square and kick the can. Remind yourself how the power of fun can crush boredom, create quality time and keep us active. Visit https://www.cabq.gov/parksandrecreation for parks and recreation locations.

4. Make fitness a walk in the park
I bet, even if you tried, it would be hard to say how many parks there are here in Albuquerque that are free, family fun opportunities and are around every corner. Venture outside your neighborhood and check out a new, exciting play area you haven’t seen before. You can take a stroll along the sidewalk or just enjoy the fresh air and happy smiles. Either way, you are sure to gain some positive energy just by getting outside.

 5. If all else fails, dance…
Whether it be in a backyard, on a balcony or near an open window; one of the most universal ways to get your body moving is to dance! Let the sun shine, the birds chirp and the music play while you and your little ones simply let loose and dance! You won’t even know you’re burning calories because everyone will certainly be having fun.