How to Conquer the Potty-Training Dilemma?

Are you thinking about potty training and not sure how to get started, or maybe you tried but gave up? We’ve all been there.  Have you heard stories of how difficult it is to potty train your child? Do not listen! It doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s about creating a routine that will work for you and your child, that is the first step to potty training success.

1.       Be intentional and committed, don’t give up! Once you start keep going.

2.        Create a space in your living room where you will be comfortable using a portable potty. This is typically where you will be spending most of your time. If not, pick an area that works for you.

3.       Keep a basket of toys nearby so your child has something to do while sitting.  Read stories about going potty such as, “Elmo Goes Potty”.

4.       Notice how often you change your child.  This will help you determine when you need to sit your child on the potty.

5.       Don’t use pull-ups!  Pull-ups are made of the same material diapers are. Under-wear ONLY!

6.       Use a water proof mattress protector (you’ll be thankful later).

7.       Acknowledge your child’s efforts!  What you focus on grows!  Do not give your child attention for their failures – only attempts and successes!

How do I know when my child’s ready? Ask yourself these questions:

1.       Does your child pull his/her pants up and down independently?

2.       Does your child frequently have dry diapers? If so, this is an indicator that your child is learning bladder and bowel control.

3.       Does your child seek an area to hide when they’re going poop?

4.       Does you child dislike the feeling of being wet?  And can openly communicate with you when they are?

5.       Can your child remove their own diaper?

If you have answered yes to these 5 questions then your child is ready for potty training!