Fun Snacks to make for a fun 4th of July Celebration with your Kids

Making fun snacks with your children is a great way to celebrate any holiday. Here are a few fun and easy things you can do:

  1. Star Spangled Ice Cream Sandwiches: Children love to see how sprinkles stick. Buy blue and red sprinkles, let your pre-made ice cream sandwiches sit for 5 minutes and then ROLL them in the sprinkles, freeze for 10 minutes and enjoy.

  2. Graham Cracker Flags: Children can practice small muscle skills by spreading softened cream cheese on a graham cracker. Using strawberry jam they can ‘paint’ their stripes. Then watch how they count blueberries to add 50 stars (if they fit lol) to complete their flag.

  3. Patriotic Popcorn: Nothing screams fireworks like dumping candy and popcorn into a bowl. Your kids can help choose the red and blue candies that can be added to popcorn, nuts and other treats. Stir and Serve.

  4. Celebration Sparkling Water: We know how children love something sparkly! Replace their soda with sparkling water and let them sweeten with fresh fruit. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries make a great holiday choice.

  5. Firework Fruit Kabobs: Fruit kabobs for the ambitious. Watermelon on the 4th is a national staple. Cut them into stars and let your children thread them onto skewers followed by some fun fresh blueberries.

Enjoy and have an amazing day with your children!