Easy Homework Rituals

When our children head Back-to-School, whether Pre-K or High School, there will always be challenges. Creating time for dinner, family and homework can be difficult. The key to our evenings is creating a consistent schedule and family ‘rituals’. Our world and our children’s world’s are busy, complicated and filled with outside stimulation. Teaching children to organize their time and prioritize their responsibilities will give them the grit and skills they need for future adult success.

Here are a few tips for creating homework rituals:

  • Post a family schedule that works. When the nightly routine remains consistent and predictable during the school week, children fall into productive patterns without thinking about them. No fight - no fail.

  • Have a community space for homework. There is no need to feel isolated when working. Creating a communal work space will deter distractions and provide academic support. Parents can even be cooking dinner, yet still be available to help. Sometimes a quiet presence provides just the focus a child needs for success.

  • Keep the ‘homework’ space consistent. Organize the space so it provides clarity on the intent of their actions. Children (and adults) thrive in predictability. If homework is done on the couch where the family ‘relaxes’ and watches TV the inclination will be to want to relax. Keep their work-time intentions clear.

  • Have snacks and water available in the homework space. Bodies need fuel. Providing light, healthy snacks will not ruin their dinner appetite, but it will fuel their brains. Small finger foods will also deter distractions and keep your child focused until their work is complete.

Providing your family with simple steps to a seamless homework plan will keep you sane and your children successful. Good Luck!